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You can see the place here. The room 308 is named Sala konferencyjna (Conference Room).


The currency in Poland is złoty (abr. zł). Approximate exchange rate is 4 złotys per one euro. This link will help you to convert zlotys to other currencies.

An inexpensive canteen is between 10 and 20 zlotys, a typical restaurant will start around 30 zlotys.


See our hotel list.


Warsaw has a very effective and rather cheap public transportation system consisting of buses and tramways. It also has one North-South metro line, but neither trams nor the metro goes in the vicinity of the conference site. You can use buses there. Tramways have numbers below 100, buses above 100.

Apart from one-trip tickets there are also short-term (20 and 40 minutes) tickets – you can change during the trip when using them. If you plan to use public transport regularly, you could consider one-day, 3-day or weekly travel cards. It is possible to buy tickets from a driver, but you have to have exact amount (officially, a driver cannot give a change), so it is more convenient to buy them in kiosk or in a ticket machine. Machines are located on each Metro station and at some bus stops.

For further trips we recommend to use taxis. They are also relatively cheap and fast. The usual cost of course depend on the length of the route but should not exceed 50zł for a mid-length journeys.

You can find information on public transport at the ZTM webpage.

From the airport

The airport (Port Lotniczy im. Fryderyka Chopina, often called Okecie) is not far from the center (about 30 minutes by bus), and is served by three bus lines: 175, 188 and 575. You can check their routes here.

Depending on your destination on arrival, you may find it more convenient to take a taxi instead. You will probably pay around 40 zlotys to reach the center.

Dining in Warsaw

Please find below a selection of restaurants and cafes in the neighborhood of the conference place. Recommendations by Tomasz Kazana - the map by Anupam Gupta.


1. U kucharzy (Ossolińskich 7) – ask for a table “in the kitchen” and have a steak tartare chopped at your dining table by a skilled chef.

2. Qchnia artystyczna (Ujazdowskie 6) – artistic style, beautiful surroundings.

3. U Fukiera (Rynek Starego Miasta 27) – the oldest restaurant in Warsaw with history reaching 16th century.

4. Sakana Sushi Bar (Moliera 4/6) – boatfulls of sushi floating over the bar.

5. Polka (Świętojańska 2) – great Polish cuisine.

6. Banja Luka (Puławska 101) – excellent Balkan restaurant.

7. The Mexican (Foksal 10) – typical Polish cake “sernik” served in an extraordinary way.

8. U Fiszera (pl. Bankowy) – good Polish food.

9. Casa To Tu (Nowy Świat 54/56) – great Spanish restaurant.

10. U Szwejka (pl. Konstytucji) – Czech beer.

11. Babooshka (Oboźna 9) – Russian restaurant.

12. Chianti (Foksal 17) – Italian trattoria.


13. Warszawa Powiśle (Kruczkowskiego 3b) – arranged in the building formerly used as a part of a railway station; top trendy this summer.

14. Cud nad Wisłą (Wybrzeże Kosciuszkowskie) – small boat near Swiętokrzyski bridge; very stylish and trendy.

15. Jazz Bistro Gwiazdeczka (Piwna 40) – live Jazz music in an adopted backyard.

16. Zapiecek (Świetojańska 13; Freta 1) – great Polish “pierogi”.

Pubs / Clubs

17. BrowArmia (Królewska 1) – serves self-brewed beer.

18. Bierhalle (Nowy Świat 64).

19. Hard Rock café (in Złote Tarasy shopping centre).

20. Kompania Piwowarska (Podwale 25) – beer, meats, soups.

21. Champions (hotel Mariott, ground floor) – beer and sports events.

22. CK Oberża (Chmielna 28) – good for a beer or a meal.

23. Klub Plan B (pl. Zbawiciela) – drink bar with live music.

24. Sketch (Foksal 19) – modern.


25. Panorama (hotel Mariott, 40th floor) – drink bar; great sights, but expensive.

26. Przekąski-Zakąski (Krakowskie Przedmieście 13) – perfect for after-party, Polish vodka and Polish snacks served by the famous barman, Pan Roman; hot and crowded inside, which reminds the atmosphere of bars of the socialist era.

27. Kafefajka (Nowy Świat 22/28) – shisha bar for tobacco amateurs.

28. Vinoteka (Nowy Świat 6/12) – good wine.

29. Kebab (Marszałkowska 138) – best kebab in Warsaw.

30. Wedel (Szpitalna 8) – superb drinking chocolate.

31. Blikle (Nowy Świat 35) – famous cakes and Polish style donuts.

32. Grycan (Nowy Świat 57/59; Chmielna 21) – very popular ice-cream.

Other hints

In many places there are local signs for toilets: a round for women and a triangle for men.

You cannot smoke in a taxi, pub or restaurant, unless it will be large, with a special room, strictly isolated from the rest of the premises. In most venues there is no such space and to smoke one should go out. It is also forbidden to smoke on bus stops.

In Poland, it is said that not-smoking is fashionable.


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