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5th Workshop on Flexible Network Design

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The 5th Research Workshop on Flexible Network Design was held in Warsaw, Poland, July 23-27, 2012. Participation was per invitation only.

The photos from the workshop are available here: http://corner.mimuw.edu.pl/?p=168.

The open problems can be posted here: http://fnd2012.mimuw.edu.pl/qa.


Network Design with its many variants is one of the most active mathematical research areas involving researchers from Theoretical Computer Science, Graph Theory, Operations Research, Discrete Optimization, Game Theory and Information Theory. In addition, new problems in this area are constantly propounded by practitioners working in various aspects of network design such as construction, routing and staged deployment. Furthermore, many new design paradigms such as ATM, Ad Hoc and Wireless networking add rich new flavors to existing problems. The goal of the workshop is to focus on this active area of applications of algorithms to discuss recent advances, understand current trends, identify understudied areas, and formulate new directions for further investigation. The participants will be invited to give a presentation on their recent research work.

The workshop is supported by Foundation for Polish Science.


Previous Workshops:

This is the fifth workshop on Flexible Network Design. The previous workshops have been organized in:


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